Drool-Worthy Beauty Of Marble And Wood from PORADA

by Studio216  published August 2023

Porada, the renowned Italian brand, exemplifies the flawless fusion of marble and wood. Through artisanal craftsmanship, these raw materials are metamorphosed into exquisite masterpieces that encapsulate luxury and sophistication.

 The AKSEL desk study with its enduring elegance seamlessly blending wood and marble

The INFINITY table is sculptural and eye-catching

Wood and marble serve as Porada's muses, cherished mediums that undergo meticulous shaping and finishing to attain perfection. 

The ALAN dining table boasts a solid grey Carnico marble top, elegantly supported by walnut half-moon bases

Porada's furniture stands as a tribute to the beauty of the Earth's elements, inviting admiration and evoking a appreciation for the craftsmanship that celebrate everyday living.